Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer updates and changes

I have several old drafts sitting here in Blogger that I never posted.  Seems I'm becoming more forgetful some days.  :-)
Let me update our lives a tad bit so I can clear my poor brain and see if something else comes to mind.
First.  We have a teenager in the house!  Yes, our son turned 13 in February.  We had a fun time with fellow teen guys coming over for pizza, snacks, and cake plus a movie.  We've done this a few times with this core group of super young men.  It has been wonderful to connect with godly military families with like values and with sons that are godly friends.  It has been exciting to have them over, watch mounds of food disappear seemingly right before our eyes and listen to them as they hash out funny jokes or serious conversations about concerns.

Our son also joined Civil Air Patrol here and received his first promotion and stripe earlier this week.  We don't know if the Lord is calling him to the military or what but it has been a great experience for him.  For now he says he thinks he would like to become an Army Chaplain like Dad but he has also found a love for Apologetics.  

DH graduated with his Doctorate of Ministry in May.  I'm so proud of his determination and perseverance.  He's been in school since the day we met in 1995.  Literally.  Two Masters degrees, some further masters level work and then his DMin.  He is thoroughly enjoying teaching Ethics here  and his ministry is vibrant.  He still loves counseling and has many opportunities each week.

The most exciting news is that DH's book, The Cat Chronicles, is being published.  Again.  It was published two years ago by a self-publisher that we were not happy with and found out later there were many problems within the company.  Thankfully the Lord graciously allowed that contract to be ended.  The Cat Chronicles has been picked up by a "real" publisher, and a Christian company at that, and has recently entered the production phase.  We are looking forward to the re-release of The Cat Chronicles within this next year.  Once it is released, I will post links to it in the sidebar.  We ask that you would join us in praying for its release.  We have committed the book to the Lord and will use all proceeds towards ministries and setting up our foundation for the ministry the Lord is calling us to after DH's retirement from the military.  I will share more on that later.

I am still taking care of our four kitties and homeschooling.  There have been some changes for me in that the Lord is calling me out of one season of my life into another.  I am now serving on the Board for our local PWOC group as the Administrative Coordinator.  Though something I wasn't looking to do, God made it clear He meant this for this time in my life.  Yes, it is stretching me greatly but I am enjoying serving the military ladies through this ministry.  We are also involved in some other outside ministries that are growing us as Christ's servants and enjoying what God is doing here.

We continue to homeschool our son and feel the Lord may lead us to continue through high school.  He will be in eighth grade this coming year.  We've made some changes to our curriculum since his interests are moving and changing, too.  We'll begin using Cornerstone Curriculum's Starting Points.  It is a Worldview curriculum and Wyatt is quite excited about it.  That will be our main curriculum and will supplement with what Wisdom Booklets we have left from our time in ATI and other things we have collected over the years.

Before I close this post and actually post it instead of leaving it in "Drafts," I have to say that it has been an interesting journey for us these past two- two and half years.  There have been some tough storms and disappointments but God's grace has overflowed and it has been humbling to see His hand in our lives.  
It would have been easy to let the enemy have a foothold and plant a root of bitterness in each of us but through God's grace that hasn't happened.  Though Wyatt struggles with some of the things that have happened in the past, we continue to point him to God's Word and pray for him.  We learned that Wyatt truly has the gift of Prophecy so righteous justice is important to him.  He's having to learn grace and mercy always go hand-in-hand, though.

Hopefully I can try to blog a little more frequently.  I have thought about giving up this blog but receive encouragements not to and encouragement to get back to writing more frequently.  I will try to do that and share how God is working in our lives.  Until then, enjoy your Summer!

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Jacqi Stevens said...

Oh, don't give up! Just as you've seen new paths open up as seasons of life change subtly, your writing will evolve, too. It serves as a mirror as you go through each process--all the while, encouraging others as you choose to make your reflections public by nudging those posts out of that "draft" folder.

Homeschooling years can be riddled with doubts--both in the case of the students and the parents. We chose to homeschool from beginning to end (although is there ever really an end to learning?) and just this week, I'm being reminded of all the benefits of choosing this path.

We chose to see homeschooling much as a builder may see subcontractors. Serving as general contractor over this "building" project on behalf of our children, we can select from many options.

While each person has different needs, the question is not whether those needs are best met by traditional school settings versus homeschool setting. The question may best be answered by examining all the many options available through the process of homeschooling, itself. There are as many styles of homeschooling as there are students. That's how flexible the process can be.

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