Monday, April 16, 2012

On the move again ~ literally

I think I'll just skip the usual line of how I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted and how I will try to do better.  It's obvious I'm a "hit or miss" blogger and I will admit it now.  I guess the first step is admitting it, isn't it?   :-)

We're on the move again.  My sweet husband is almost at the end of his school year so we're getting ready to move on to our next assignment.  The Army had him in school for Ethics so he was enrolled in a Master's in Sacred Theology and he will graduate in early May.  Yay!  Then we're off to the middle of nowhere. 
So for this city girl, I'll have to get some hiking boots and take up hiking.  In a way, it will be exciting for us as a family.  This has been some kind of busy year and going somewhere that is quieter will give us a chance to really reconnect as a family and focus on what is important. DH was not only working on his STM but he is also enrolled in his Doctor of Ministry degree on his own, so he was working on two higher degrees at once.  Whew! In God's grace, he is now "ABD" or all but dissertation now in his DMin and graduating with his STM next month.  Though our dreams of taking field trips galore together as a family fell by the wayside, it was nice to have him home with us every day.  Our son also was able to see what diligent study habits look like and how perseverance and diligence pay off.

Our son was enrolled in a homeschool academy one day a week this year which was new, as well.  What a wonderful experience for him!  He had wonderful teacher-moms and he learned so much.  So much of what he learned wasn't in the books per se but life lessons which took on great meaning for him.  

The year was also filled with struggles for him as we learned that our dreamer also struggles with ADD.  If you have a child with ADD I highly recommend looking into the book, Healing ADD with Dr. Amen.   This book gave us tremendous insight into him, why he does, and doesn't do, some of those things he does...And doesn't do.  We see now why it is so hard for him to stay focused and why it is so easy for him to get lost in the stories he makes up in his mind.  We tried the medication route without much success.  So we've moved to adding some supplements like Krill Oil, an exercise regimen, and adding behavior modifications to his routine.  And the routine is, well, not routine as much as it is a strict schedule.  All these together helped him but there are long days and hard days.  We haven't ruled out medication, for I believe there can be a balance.  Perhaps once we get settled in MO there will be some time to continue looking into that.

I think the Lord has especially been working in DH and me through these struggles.  We have to accept our son where is he and help him to get to where he needs to be.  It's been a year of helping him accept himself and accept God's design for him.  I can say quite confidently that though the ADD and dreamer in him makes for school struggles, God has a perfect plan for his life and those characteristics are a part of who is he and part of his calling.  I also believe they are a part of drawing our son closer to the Lord and teaching him complete reliance on Him for what he needs.  That's been a tough thing for me.  To give my child so completely over to the Lord for the first time.  I've always thought I had done it before, yet I had not at all.  I could not "fix" this in my son.  I was helpless to help him some days.  I, too, had to completely rely on the Lord.  And in that, I was showing him how to rely on Him.  Oh, it wasn't pretty most days.  Some days were quite messy and others were a wash with regards to "official" school work.  But God's grace overflowed.

I am excited about our newest endeavor and will honestly try to do better about writing about what the Lord is teaching me, and all of us, through this journey in the Army and life.  

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Jacqi Stevens said...

Congratulations to your husband on his graduation, and on your new location. While it may seem like it will be in the middle of nowhere, at least it is a beautiful middle of nowhere!!! The drive to the cities is not that bad. You will find blessings in this new situation.

I heartily agree about your mention of Dr. Amen's book. Actually, he has written many, and his work and insight into the wonders of the mind always amaze me.

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