Thursday, August 25, 2011

New School Year!

Well, we've started our school year here.  Actually we did a little school over the Summer.  Mostly Math and some Grammar.  Took some time off with DH and now we've kicked off.  So far it's all going swimmingly!  :-) 
We did change a good many things with our curriculum and I am liking the changes.  This year is going to be so different in so many ways.  DH will be earning a Masters in Sacred Theology in Ethics for the Army this year and that's basically his job.  He is going to school.  No unit duties, no Chapel duties (Yay, we get to go to church like a "regular" family), just school.  He is working on his DMin on his own so he'll have a full plate but he will be home.  So this will truly be a schoolin' little home this year!  
I'm quite excited for this will be such a benefit to our little family.  We have made some changes to our schedule and made some different family rules but also are building more time in as a family together now that he is free from Army unit duties.  He can be more involved with our school, be able to carry out family devotionals more regularly and our son can have more "Daddy time."  Honestly I know DH will miss the  ministry to the soldiers but I feel sure he will have an active ministry every day with our family and with his fellow students.  His gifts are Exhortation and Encouragement and I can see him using them everyday.  
Our son is growing like crazy, too.  He's officially two inches taller than me now and I do believe he might have grown a touch more as he can see clear over my head now!  He's only 11!  God has blessed him with height.  We have tall people on my side of the family way back so I guess those genes have come out.  He is adjusting to "sticking out like a sore thumb" around his friends but we continue to work with him on accepting God's design for him.   He has had a Summer of struggles but the Lord has been so gracious and steadfast with him and us.  Our prayers are reaping fruit and it is a joy to see our son come full circle.  We are convinced the Lord has set him aside for something special because the enemy certainly has been working overtime on him.  But we are in the trenches with him and will remain in the trenches arming ourselves with our best weapons...Prayer and The Word.
Of late I've become more and more convinced of the power of prayer.  Not that I wasn't before but the books I've been reading lately have brought this to the forefront of my pondering.   Our enemy works like crazy to keep us too busy to pray.  If we don't pray then he can keep us sidelined.   Keep us busy, tired, engaged, distracted or whatever and we become ineffective.  
But I also see that our prayers do affect heaven.  Our prayers are heard.  They really are.  Heaven isn't some ethereal place and God isn't some impersonal being that looks down His nose at us.  Heaven is for real, like the book says, and God loves us with an eternal, burning love.  He desires to have us commune with Him and send our prayers to His throne!  And what a release it is to realize He does listen, care and reach down to His loved ones.
I know there is so much more to share because I'm not always good about posting regularly but these thoughts are what come to mind tonight.  
Lean on the Lord for He is good.  Call on His name at all times.  He loves you!

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del said...

Nice blog! My wife, Nancy, teaches home schooling 11-12th graders thru Potters School & Belhaven University. She's a dynamite teacher. Gret to meet you in Columbia!

Doug Lee

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